Cross-docking and Trans-loading in Memphis, TN

Among the various warehousing services like order fulfillment, kitting, light assembly, and repacking, we also offer cross-docking and trans-loading services. Our location here in Memphis, TN makes us an ideal location for third-party logistics services like load consolidation and short-term storage for freight going just about anywhere. A number of our cross-docking customers use our warehouse facilities to drop off partial loads from many different trucks, then return later to collect the entire load and deliver it to its’ destination.

Frozen Storage

Recently we’ve been doing a little research into frozen storage. Being a smaller public warehouse here in Memphis, TN, we’re trying to gauge the demand and availability of frozen storage for smaller accounts our size. Ideally, we’d love to be able to offer refrigerated storage and frozen storage immediately, but it’s hard to gauge just how much these services are needed. Currently, there is one large provider of frozen storage here in Memphis, but we’re unaware of their account size minimums and availability.