FedEx Delivery Manager

FedEx, based right here in Memphis, TN, has recently added a new tool that will allow residential customers to schedule and reroute deliveries. I think we have been frustrated with shipping at one time or another when we’ve missed a package due to not being home to sign for it. Their new tool is designed to alleviate that frustration. This will also help companies like us who do order fulfillment because sometimes deal with customer dissatisfaction, but we have no control over final delivery procedures once the order leaves our warehouse.

Check out a video here:

More info can be found here in .PDF format:

Document Storage

Are you required by the awful government to keep boxes and boxes of records from now to infinity? Why not let us store them for you? I mean, it’s a perfect fit! you hate boxes of paper and we love storing all kinds of stuff! It’s a match made in heaven! We can even index your stored records so it’s super easy for someone who works for you to come find them and make a big mess of them for the next person to cuss about. Even better, you might also need other warehousing services like order fulfillment or pick and pack shipping. So, if you hate boxes of paper and need someone to make your life easier, give us a call.